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April 12, 2011

Get Fit with Rick

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..I love this guy! I love his designs..his approach to life (even if not always shared!) and his look! ..I really enjoyed reading this post from Industrie -hope you like it too!

Mr Owens’ guide to sublime physicality

Rick Owens was once a chubby Californian kid dreaming of rock-hard washboard abs. But once he’d been nudged towards the gym to compensate for his excesses, he dramatically transformed his physique. Now he’s such an expert that we’ve asked him to show us how it’s done.

Photographed by: Kacper Kasprzyk

Written by: Murray Healy

Rick Owens discovered the joys of the gym relatively late in life. The desire to sort out his body had always been there, languishing in his heart, weak and neglected, since childhood. ‘As an introverted sissy growing up in a small town in California,’ he remembers, ‘all I wanted was Joe Dallesandro hair and washboard abs. But I wore “husky”-sized poly pants,’ he says, referring to the American boys’ trousers made with added ease on the waist and hips, ‘and I had big, soft, 13-year-old-girl nipples. And buck teeth.’

A couple of years in braces sorted out the teeth, but it wasn’t until his early thirties that he started picking up the weights, when his partner Michele Lamy persuaded him to do something to compensate for the excesses of his lifestyle. ‘Her reasoning was that if I was going to drink so much, I had to balance it out. After years of enjoying overindulgence, discipline felt even better.’ As his efforts slowly remodelled his physique, Rick soon found working out as addictive as life’s more obvious pleasures. ‘The changes were imperceptible from month to month, but after a year things had changed. By then I was hooked.’

Right from the start he worked with a trainer. ‘If you want to make serious changes, that’s essential – otherwise it’s too easy to suspect that you’re not doing it right, and get discouraged. I couldn’t really afford one then, but I prioritised.’ His search for the right trainer wasn’t particularly scientific. ‘Frankly the main qualifications were that they had to look like they knew what they were talking about, and be someone pleasant to hang out with every day. Because no matter how technical you get, the main thing – the main thing – is

consistent repetition.’

He worked his way through five instructors over the next eight years. But when he relocated from Los Angeles to Paris seven years ago, he decided not to employ a trainer. It’s not as if he needed the encouragement: working out had long since become as integral a part of his day as brushing his teeth. ‘And there’s only really about ten things you can do,’ he reasons, ‘so you just have to do them over and over. Like a Donald Judd installation: classic, simple, pure, repetitive.’

The purpose of his workouts has changed since the early days too: he’s no longer so goal-oriented, as each session has become its own reward. The entire ritual, from the second he steps out of his apartment, heading out through the Tuileries and up rue de la Paix to his gym near the Paris Opera, is a moment for some me-time. ‘Working out has become a combo of discipline, joyous release, meditation and vanity. It gives me a break in the day to absorb and formulate ideas. I used to love dancing, but music never sounded as good as it does now through those earbud headphones, pounding bass into the pit of my stomach as I enjoy the simple pleasure of feeling physically alive.’

But away from the free weights, he is less disciplined when it comes to his health. ‘I smoke, I don’t particularly watch my diet and I hate cardio,’ he admits. ‘If I had to run a mile I’d probably pass out in a pool of vomit.’ He never had any patience for supplements, preferring to use steroids to boost his training – a strategy he thoroughly recommends. ‘Sure, they bloated me for a while. But after I stopped, the bloat went away and the steroids had gotten me to another level. It was very rewarding. And I’d certainly taken worse before.’

When asked the particulars of his workout, he declines to give a detailed answer (‘Oh God, that would put me in a coma!’). But briefly: ‘I do one leg part, two upper-body parts, stomach and stretching every time I go, which is five or six times a week. I take my time and don’t worry about the weights – I just do what feels good. I don’t feel the need to force my body the way I used to.’

He’s philosophical about his gym-going these days. ‘Obviously, I’ve replaced the romanticised determination to self-destruct with the fantasy of control and immortality. And at this point in my life, it’s as lovely an indulgence as any.’

..Personally my favorite workout site is ! Super short and super fierce! I’ve only been doing them off and on but I can already see results!! Now I just have to commit to doing them 3-4 times  every week!!



April 2, 2011


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geez…I dunno what happened with yesterdays post!? I just could not get the writing right..sorry about that! It was all over the place and just not where it was meant to be!

So today I’ll just blind you with these beautiful jewelry….


friendship bracelet
friendship bracelet

HauteHippie Coin Feather Bib

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY 72hrs

shine on….



April 1, 2011

today I love….

I just love the different textures together and in particular I love the clutch!! Stylestalker knit, Free People shorts, Alexander Wang clutch, Pamela Love and Dannijo rings









The sweater with the pink shorts is just soooo “summer”

Isabel Marant SS2011











this is my absolute favorite beauty find of the moment!! I’m usually not really into shampoos and

tend to use whatever I buy from the health shop… but this one…this one is AMAZING! The great thing is that it’s totally natural AND it leaves your hair in the most healthy condition ever!! Unfortunately we don’t get in South Africa…yet…I’m working on it…











Findings showroom in LA… this is where I do most of my buying for Alexandra Del Lago -I love their space! I could live in there! …and they have the best collection of labels-ever!! Lock me in there for a month…I won’t mind!!

Striped sweaters…I’ve always loved them, always will…last year I loved them tiny…this year I love them oversized..









love her/them always…always the right amount of dishevelment..ok, almost always!






























..the coolest jacket ever!?…

I love leather..















my current obsession is mexican food…hmmmm thats what I’d want for dinner…-just don’t think there”s a mexican take away here 😦
















…and a margarita…thank you!




















Enjoy your weekend!




March 30, 2011




…I left for LA and disappeared into a cloud of FOG…

that’s what it feels like…

I arrived in LA and for 8 days -and nights until 11pm when everything closed- …I shopped LA Market Week as well as ALL the

vaguely interesting stores, department stores and markets in LA…I devoured the fashion, the newness, the cool people who dress soo freely, bohemian and understated…the individuality (not many sheep here!!)…the friendliness and the camaraderie amongst the fashion buyers… I met Raquel Allegra -a personal highlight as I just adore her designs!- and fell in Love with Orduna Designs (…her hand made jewelry is just too beautiful and poetic…I can just see her soul poured in every piece- I love that! …Oh and all the wonderful products that we don’t have here and that I just wish I could stock -I NEED a BIGGER store!!-. On most days I forgot to eat… and ONLY fashion does that to me!…nothing else can hold my attention for so long and intensely to make ME forget about FOOD…

Oh Barneys…Barneys as well as Opening Ceremony and Fred Segal…it was just too much for me!! I could have slept there and had a ball for days on end- without food! …Oh I also fell in love with Alexander Wang! His shoes especially are just magic!!

So now I’m back and I’ve had to digest it all…and most of all recover from a bad bad bad jet lag… dunno why it hit me so bad…probably because I slept so little in LA!

I’ve finally had a chance to spend time on my favorite blogs and scour some new ones for that LA feeling…


Paris Je t’Aime Mon Amour !

Ohhh how I fell in love with MOTHER  jeans!! They are just the way I like them! …supersoft and yet they hold you in and just very flattering in all the best colors!! Can’t wait to get them in!!


much love



March 8, 2011

totally electrified

…this blue I love…so electrifying for our South African winters!! …and I am madly in love with Taylor Tomasi for wearing those crazy sneakers with THAt outfit!! She always thrills me!!

…blue blue blue…is my favorite color in the whole world!!




March 7, 2011


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I’ve been keeping my eyes on PROENZA SCHOULER for a while now and every time I am just blown away by their collections!! …and those shoes…….!!

…this is they FW2011…totally over the top…totally modern AND totally classic!! I LOVE IT!!

…maybe one day I’ll be able to propose a few pieces at Alexandra Del Lago!!
I wish…and so it may be 😉

February 25, 2011’bout a horse ride in your living room!??

THIS could very well be the worlds sexiest stool!!

Cowboy Junkie Stool by Fernando Akasaka- now available exclusively through Alexandra Del Lago

The Cowboy Junkie stool is a tribute to Cowboy Junkies band ( – Mr. Blair Woods (manager) and Mike Timmins (guitar/songwriter ) from the Cowboy Junkies band allowed me to name the stool “Cowboy J…unkie”.

The main element of this stool is a saddle because of the stool’s theme & inspiration – the saddle is imported from France and it is made by one of the best French saddleries in the world and it has an exclusive F.AKASAKA design. The saddle is a professional jumping saddle made with french premium soft leather. It is is removable (i.e. you can use it as a normal jumping saddle in your horse if you want), bounces up and down, and it features large knee and thigh rolls, hide covered pads, cut back head and stuffed panels.

The stool structure is made of solid AISI 304 stainless steel with highly polished to mirror finish and it goes with 3 accessories: a jump leather bat, professional stainless steel stirrups and stirrups leathers.

STOOL FA32 “Cowboy Junkie”

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Finish: Highly polished to mirror finish stainless steel

Structure: Laser-cut saddle base and stool base

Saddle: Exclusive F.AKASAKA professional jumping saddle imported from France made with premium soft leather. The removable saddle bounces up and down and it features large knee and thigh rolls, hide covered pads, cut back head and stuffed panels.

The FA32 stool is stamped, signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

– Seat Size: 17 1/2″

– Color: BLACK

Accessories: Stainless Steel Stirrup, Stirrup Leathers and leather bat

Dimensions: H: 70 cm (27 1/2 in) | W: 50 cm (19 5/8 in) | L: 60 cm (23 5/8 in)

Net Weight: 19 Kg (11 kg Stool Structure + 8 Kg Saddle)

Available now on pre-order only -email me at

As featured in:

I’m soooooo in love with this piece!!

….having all sorts of fun fantasies about it ………………………………………………………



February 8, 2011

Look at what I found for you!!

I’ve just come across this really cool jewelery collection from a Brazilian artisan… Fernando Akasaka.. Each piece is handcrafted and is unisex (!! perfect for sharing pieces!) … the collection has a beautiful, raw organic feel to it…with pieces inspired by sea creatures, reptile scales, bird claws and it a unique feel and edge!

what do you think? Isn’t it beautiful!?

I could totally see my favorite Zeflings in this…. (if I could style them;-)

(I am totally in love with this photo!! soo much soo that one of these days I want to blow it up…and you”ll either find it at Alexandra Del Lago…or in my bedroom…)

Le Blob would go soo well with Raquel Allegra…

AND…I’d even mix it with..

some pieces from Dannijo…

..I’ve just received the line sheet from Le Blob…so look out for it… it’s coming soon!!



This guy is seriously talented!!

How SEXY is this stool…also by him…

gotta get it!!!



January 17, 2011

gotta’ gotta’ love her!

Jane from Sea of Shoes never ceases to be an inspiration….!!

Mad as a hat… here she goes:

Wearing the most amazing vintage asymmetrical Bill Blass jacket, vintage Elvis tank top given to me by the sweet ladies from Fruition in Las Vegas, vintage belt, Ralph Lauren bandana, vintage clutch from Vintage Martini, beetle and octopus necklaces from our own jewelry line, Current & Elliot jeans, and my beloved new Yves Saint Laurent platforms.

I am a huge, huge Adolfo fan but ironically I do not own any Adolfo hats (Adolfo began as a milliner). My mom was at Vintage Martini with our partner in crime Tina (the Bag Snob) and called me wondering if I’d be interested in a raccoon hat by Adolfo. In my mind’s eye it wasn’t quite as…intense. But you know what they say here in Texas, go big or go home.

In New York I saw fur hats in this style that were much larger and more dramatic. I couldn’t help staring at them like they were big furry fungal growths on their owners heads but it didn’t seem to phase New Yorkers.

This hat will keep me warm in the weeks to come…it hasn’t gotten above freezing all week here in DFW.

and more MAAADNESS…:

to put them on…they are exquisite! Thank you so much Natalie and Ferdinand!

thanks for making my day in style today… now I can go sleep peacefully!



January 13, 2011

MOTHER Jeans…. the NEXT big bang..

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EVERYONE in the fashion industry is talking about MOTHER Jeans… Their collection is barely out yet and already all the rage! For me it was love at FIRST sight and I’m currently looking into getting them for Alexandra Del Lago!!

read below what Dena Rochelle has to sat about them from has to say about them!

words_dena rochelle

Sometimes it’s torture to have access to beautiful new things months before I can share them with my readers (or put them in my closet). I was introduced to the brand-spanking-new Mother denim label last fall and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Below, you’ll find an interview with the designers Tim Kaeding, former Creative Director/Designer at 7 for All Mankind, and Lela Tillem, former President of Sales + Marketing at Citizens for Humanity. As you might have guessed, their previous experience at such powerhouse premium denim labels has prepped them to launch a new line that will surely attract my fellow denim aficionados.

See for yourself: our slideshow and designer q+a [below] feature the full look book from the debut season, spring 2011. Mother has a definitive retro vibe, which is timely for denim trends. But as any good denim line does, they cover everything from skinny jeans to micro-flares, as well as short shorts, a high-waisted mini skirt and leggings. I’m smitten with The Looker skinny jean in Heaven, Texas wash, which lives up to its name, boasting some of the softest and most comfortable denim I’ve ever touched:

I also love The Straight A long denim skirt… actually, obsessed would be a more accurate description of my adoration. As in, it’s definitely on my must-have list:


Without further ado, here’s what designers and company cofounders Tim and Lela have to say about their new line:

D~ What sets this line apart from other premium denim lines?

Tim~ “We have exclusive denims that we’ve developed with our mills in Japan and Italy. We’ve worked with a lot of them for years and years, which gives us the luxury of doing exactly what we want for fabrication…We are also trying to bring denim out of the typical ‘vintage’ arena and bringing back bright colors and minimalist design details like simple welt pockets and clean lines with simple stitching.”

D~ Lela, which styles will you be wearing this season? Any personal faves?

Lela~ “The Drama Trouser in Forever Blue.”

D~ Which styles were the most popular among buyers?

Tim~ “Almost every boutique placed orders for The Wilder and The Drama (both denim trousers).” [see slideshow below]

D~ Lela, what brands/designers do wear with Mother denim?

Lela~ “Isabel Marant.”

D~ “I’m kind of obsessed with the long denim skirt … will you repeat that style for fall? How did the buyers respond to it?

Lela~ “It seems everyone is obsessed with The Straight A skirt, it is so simple but the buyers said Mother was the only denim line with that silhouette. Yes, we are repeating for fall in some beautiful soft new washes.”

D~ What are some of the denim trends that you’re most excited to feature for fall 2011?

Tim~ “Adding pop—shiny saturated pop. Also elaboration on lengths—dropping waists and raising inseams, really exploring ways to elongate the ­figure.”

Mother will be in major department stores, as well as boutiques Curve New York and Ron Herman LA at the end of this month. Visit for more info.


as for me… I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!



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