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September 9, 2010

…it takes one strong item to make a statement..

..a great look is not about “piling it on” but rather about choosing your pieces carefully.. Less is definitely more, but that does not mean you have yo go all “minimalist”.. A great pair of boots/shoes, a statement jacket, a bold piece of jewelry is all you need…
I love this look…almost plain..but then those boots just change everything..tease and say something… then leave them…breathless 😉

beautiful nude…the scarf makes the statement..

Michel Lamy -Rick Owen’s wife says it loud.. I love..


I’m in love with bling/statement sneakers at the moment! Haven’t found what I want yet… but it’s only a matter of time!!

…statement pieces that I love…and want..

Off to ITALY for more buying…

new stuff will be in store soon! In the meantime enjoy our 70% off sale! …some ask why 70% sale…is something wrong? No, nothing it wrong… I know in SA we are not used to real sales… but to me at the end of the season 70% IS A SALE.. Enjoy!



May 3, 2010

A touch of Goth…a hint of punk..a lot of leather..a lot of black..pale skin,dark lips and attitude..

HOW COOL IS HALLE BERRY??? She is one of the few Hollywood stars that somehow always gets it right and never looks like she’s trying.. I love the leather pant! We’ve got some stunning ones… very flattering and a lot easier to wear than you think! I’ll show you how!


I like the tattoo peeking out..

leather pants…another fetish of mine..

Yummy fur jacket!

the vest looks very much like a Gryphon vest!…maybe it is… Great way to layer for winter and look sexy whilst staying warm 🙂

I love this photo…I know you’ve seen before but it just goes with todays theme..



April 23, 2010

..more things to love and want…just because..

THE perfect grand-evening-out clutch…in fact, this is the ONLY clutch you’ll ever need (I’ve said this before and I will say it again…about others 😉 You can get this at VIVRE.COM

these cute cuffs by Naga are also to be found at VIVRE.COM …so many to choose from and all so “different”…like all these following pieces that I found on VIVRE.COM…I love the site for the occasional stunning one-off piece..

Yes this chair is also by VIVRE… I told you …they have fabulous one-off’s! Go check it out…

And here some street style inspirations to help you get dressed on what seems to be a cold morning in Cape Town!

Jane from Sea of Shoes is always an inspiration.. I love the vest by Anya

wouldn’t you love to have ALL of these in your cupboard?? I sure would!! …SA needs better shoes… I’ll get there..the next ADL store will be a shoe store…but for now we have some stunning Patrizia Pepe boots flying in!



March 30, 2010

just cool…

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..been busy lately, but I always take time to find at least one inspiring style picture for the day… this is what I love for today!

…I love where we are at with fashion at the moment…so many exciting styles and colors.. so many things to play with…..enjoy!



March 21, 2010

More street style…

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From Paris fashion week..

…these street styles speak of strong women…women who known who they are, who they want to be and who are not afraid to bee seen or heard! Would be great to start seeing more of that in SA… where individual style is still rather frowned upon! I am still amazed at how many times I get weird looks when I dress a wee bit outrageously (I say I wee bit because I do toned it down a lot here!and can assure you that in Europe no one would look twice in my direction!)… Thankfully I have a thick skin and could care less about what others think, but it still baffles me! However I am ON A MISSION… to change SA’s attitude towards fashion and hope that along with it I will liberate and empower women!

Happy long weekend!



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