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March 30, 2011




…I left for LA and disappeared into a cloud of FOG…

that’s what it feels like…

I arrived in LA and for 8 days -and nights until 11pm when everything closed- …I shopped LA Market Week as well as ALL the

vaguely interesting stores, department stores and markets in LA…I devoured the fashion, the newness, the cool people who dress soo freely, bohemian and understated…the individuality (not many sheep here!!)…the friendliness and the camaraderie amongst the fashion buyers… I met Raquel Allegra -a personal highlight as I just adore her designs!- and fell in Love with Orduna Designs (…her hand made jewelry is just too beautiful and poetic…I can just see her soul poured in every piece- I love that! …Oh and all the wonderful products that we don’t have here and that I just wish I could stock -I NEED a BIGGER store!!-. On most days I forgot to eat… and ONLY fashion does that to me!…nothing else can hold my attention for so long and intensely to make ME forget about FOOD…

Oh Barneys…Barneys as well as Opening Ceremony and Fred Segal…it was just too much for me!! I could have slept there and had a ball for days on end- without food! …Oh I also fell in love with Alexander Wang! His shoes especially are just magic!!

So now I’m back and I’ve had to digest it all…and most of all recover from a bad bad bad jet lag… dunno why it hit me so bad…probably because I slept so little in LA!

I’ve finally had a chance to spend time on my favorite blogs and scour some new ones for that LA feeling…


Paris Je t’Aime Mon Amour !

Ohhh how I fell in love with MOTHER  jeans!! They are just the way I like them! …supersoft and yet they hold you in and just very flattering in all the best colors!! Can’t wait to get them in!!


much love



March 11, 2011


just beautiful and perfect!!
I’m off to LA Market Week  for 10 days!! Will try and post from LA but you can definitely find and follow me me on FB
Gonna bring back some awesome pieces and hopefully soon after start the online shop!!

December 30, 2010

Christmas a’ la Anna!! Anna Anna Anna how I love you!!

…Anna Anna Anna…you make us dream of fashion…you are fashion, the queen of all and always an inspiration!! I love you because you take fashion serious ly…but not yourself! A genius!

(have a look at how Anna celebrated her X-mas!!…photos from her blog

CHANEL fall/Winter 2010white FUR-BOOTS matchingthe plentiful fallen snow in Milan.





“Last night we celebrated theCHRISTMAS in Dolce&Gabbana’s house.
It was a memorable night!WE looked like a huge,extended, modern FAMILY.
Me and Giovanna wore the exclusivepreview of the s/s 2011DOLCE&GABBANA collection:
white hope chest & furry boots!
On the top of all I put a vintage CHERRY-COATfrom Dolce&Gabbana 90’s Collection.
I looked like Santa Claus of fashion”Anna

with love

Alex 😉

December 5, 2010

Ohhhhhhh I love them!!


…its certainly not what they wear… but they just are.. ZEF



November 19, 2010

Backstage at Lanvin- extreme glamour…I love it!!

…there are really few times when I miss America…South Africa is my home now and I love it..BUT I do miss the grandiosity and over-the-topness of the American parties…the fashion scene…and yes the shopping!

I love these images from backstage at Lanvin x H&M Houte Couture Fashion Show! such a feast for the eye!!

Thank you Jack and Jil dot com for your always inspiring images!!



November 15, 2010

NY party looks and more…

this is why I love America!!


October 14, 2010

Look of the day…

…throw a warm sweater over your evening dress…!! I love it!! I love Taylor Tomasi!! She ALWAYS gets it right!!



October 7, 2010

the very best of PARIS Fashion Week!!

get inspired by these amazing images from Paris Fashion Week -by Caroline from
bild bild
bild bild

September 23, 2010


DIE ANTWOORD is the hottest South African export yet! …as much as everyone seems to believe that they’ve crawled out of nowhere they have been working at “it” for the past 20 years…

I used to see them often during my grocery shopping trips -at the Garden Center in Cape Town- and think ..WOW, who are they?? Her outlandish beauty and misteriousness  always intrigued me…leaving me wanting to know MORE… now I know who they are and what they do… They are true originals and theyr success is inspiring as is their totally unique look!

I LOOVE TRUE ORIGINALS!! and now I can’t wait to see them live in concert!!

See below for some more info on DIE ANTWOORD…

: Posted on 05 May 2010 by The Divine Miss M

Everybody seems to think that Die Antwoord popped-up out of nowhere, but Ninja and Yo-landi have been familiar faces on the Mother City streets and has been a  moerse big drawing card at South African music festivals for yonks.

Here’s some trivia you didn’t know you couldn’t live without!!

Die AntwoordDie Antwoord

1. ”Ninja” has been renamed more often than the average street in Durban.

2. Over the course of his career so far, “Ninja” has gone by many other names including The Man Who Never Came Back, MC Totally Rad, Yang Weapon, Max Normal, Constructus Corporation, Maxnormal.TV, Watkin Tudor Jones, Jones Junior … He is most commonly known in Cape Town as “Waddy”, but frequently will not answer to this name.

3. ”Waddy” has always been big on collaborations. Long before he hooked up with Yo-landi, he exploded into the Rainbow Nation’s consciousness in 1994 fronting wigga crew The Original Evergreens. Signed to major label, Sony Music, their albums Puff the Magic (1995) and Burn the Evidence (1997) were hailed by critics as a mercurial “funkadelic jazzy hip-hop” spin on Cypress Hill’s spliff-rap.

4. Always the creative chameleon, Waddy’s next conceptual makeover saw him fronting live hip-hop band Max Normal. Their relaxed sounding, but biting grooves took cool Joburg clubs like 206 by storm. The original Max Normal line-up featured the talents of Waddy plus his DJ partner Simon ‘Sibot’ Ringrose, drummer Sean O Tim, drummer Adrian Levi, and guitarist Mark Buchanan.

5. Max Normal had only just begun to make underground waves worldwide with their album, Songs from a Mall (2001) when Waddy disbanded the crew and moved to Cape Town.

6. They played their last gig as the support act for Faithless on the international group’s 2002 SA tour.

Die Antwoord

7. On a mission to keep it real, Waddy invented another fantasy world for himself: The Constructus Corporation. Aka Constructus, this super-underground crew brought Waddy as Watkin Tudor Jones together with the beat Sibot and Markus Worsmtorm. Sibot and Markus are all also former African Dope fiends, and underground alternative icons in their own right, partnering up in The Real Estate Agents and sculpting beats for Playdoe and Sweat X respectively.

8. Constructus was a masterpiece of design and marketing, and The Ziggurat (2002), another mall-themed album, featured Waddy playing various characters, a book illustrated by Nikil Singh, and a bonus blank CD with instructions on where to download extra songs and audio, free of charge.
9.  Die Antwoord performed live for the first time ever at Ramfest 3 in February 2009.

10. They became the stuff of legend after jumping onstage to improvise “Sail Away Mutherfucka” when the Wedding DJs played the famous Enya track at Oppikoppi 2009.

11. Like any brand savvy crew, Die Antwoord isn’t just about music. They also make movies and merchandise. Their creations include a boutique range of limited edition, hand made soft-toys with a delightfully ear-catching billing: CHOMMIE TOYS.

12. These toys are strange and wonderful creatures that include a Giraffe who is so chilled he can end arguments just by walking past, a Bokkie who likes raving to the techno heart-beat of the Earth and a cute little Rabbit that practices shiatsu. The tip: cosmic, not creepy, to “help kids – of all ages – find freedom of expression.” Watch out for an edgy range of GOMMIE toys coming soon.

13. Waddy doesn’t drink alcohol.

14. Die Antwoord (is it too PC to call them DA for short?) billing themselves as “a mysterious force from the dark, dangerous depths of Africa”. Having convinced celebrated photographer Roger Ballen to shoot their debut album cover, they continue to take a weird, scary approach to publicity.


15. Styled as Cape Flats dwellers in the new South Africa, and performing from Mitchell’s Plein to Central Cape Town and blowing festivals away, Die Antwoord quickly became huge on the trendy scene with songs like “Wat Pomp”.

16. Always very hip to the use of multimedia, myth and legend, Die Antwoord has recently exploded on the international scene with the “Zef Side” video.

17. Many instant fans overseas people believed the video depicted their real lives. Actually, Yo-landi and Ninja are married and have a daughter, Sixteen, who is about to go to school.

Bonus fact! Die Antwoord boasts that they’re “taking over the interweb”, and based on the minute by minute updates on Twitter,  it seems this, at least, is true.

AND MORE PHOTOS….  How beautiful is Yo-landi??


me xxx

June 25, 2010

chiqueria….and the going-ons of the “it” bloggers

here a glimpse of the everyday life of the “it” bloggers of the moment… it’s one fashion show and subsequent fashion party after the other…reinventing themselves every time and inspiring the rest of us who have more to think about than what to wear today… I am glad “they” are there for us as for they give me my daily fashion fix…something to dream about (…oh I wish I could travel around the world gong to one fashion show after the other but with two little kids this one is gonna have to wait!)…and more inspiration than any magazine can provide as what they give is fashion in the raw and now!

Danni and Bryanboy at 20 years of Dolce Gabbana Uomo

Danni from Chicmuse and the ever fabulous Anna Dello Russo …clearly she is very much into the lace look at the mo and only she can pull off that well!

the bootie is here to stay! …open toe or closed toe we’ll see many more versions..this one by Alaia is superb and look comfy too!

Karla from (here pictured with her stylish boyfriend) is another stylish blogger whose style I admire, especially her commitment to high heels! I just always prefer comfort over style…

I love this midriff bearing dress with the open back..simple luxury..

Hanneli from shows us her take on what to wear this summer…

..jeans..soft pinks and lots of nudes..

here the SS2010 Stella collection…not soo much my style but I love the colors!

but this…this BALMAIN combo I love! and I’m totally mad about the pants!! Glad Danny only got to use them for the shoot as it would have been a bit too much to bare had she been given them!!

just hot hot hot!!

PS- Patrizia Pepe has some of the best fitting leather pants I’ve ever tried! Come try them on at our new store in Hyde Park!



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