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March 7, 2011


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I’ve been keeping my eyes on PROENZA SCHOULER for a while now and every time I am just blown away by their collections!! …and those shoes…….!!

…this is they FW2011…totally over the top…totally modern AND totally classic!! I LOVE IT!!

…maybe one day I’ll be able to propose a few pieces at Alexandra Del Lago!!
I wish…and so it may be 😉

February 6, 2011

totally mad about these!!

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…Prada I think…?

Unfortunately I don’t think we”ll see any SA men wearing them!! …so enjoy looking at them here..or on your next overseas trip!


January 17, 2011

gotta’ gotta’ love her!

Jane from Sea of Shoes never ceases to be an inspiration….!!

Mad as a hat… here she goes:

Wearing the most amazing vintage asymmetrical Bill Blass jacket, vintage Elvis tank top given to me by the sweet ladies from Fruition in Las Vegas, vintage belt, Ralph Lauren bandana, vintage clutch from Vintage Martini, beetle and octopus necklaces from our own jewelry line, Current & Elliot jeans, and my beloved new Yves Saint Laurent platforms.

I am a huge, huge Adolfo fan but ironically I do not own any Adolfo hats (Adolfo began as a milliner). My mom was at Vintage Martini with our partner in crime Tina (the Bag Snob) and called me wondering if I’d be interested in a raccoon hat by Adolfo. In my mind’s eye it wasn’t quite as…intense. But you know what they say here in Texas, go big or go home.

In New York I saw fur hats in this style that were much larger and more dramatic. I couldn’t help staring at them like they were big furry fungal growths on their owners heads but it didn’t seem to phase New Yorkers.

This hat will keep me warm in the weeks to come…it hasn’t gotten above freezing all week here in DFW.

and more MAAADNESS…:

to put them on…they are exquisite! Thank you so much Natalie and Ferdinand!

thanks for making my day in style today… now I can go sleep peacefully!



December 6, 2010

how fun are these??

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…they remind of my rave days in the states…I like’em!… odd..yes, a little…but soo fun!!



September 9, 2010

…it takes one strong item to make a statement..

..a great look is not about “piling it on” but rather about choosing your pieces carefully.. Less is definitely more, but that does not mean you have yo go all “minimalist”.. A great pair of boots/shoes, a statement jacket, a bold piece of jewelry is all you need…
I love this look…almost plain..but then those boots just change everything..tease and say something… then leave them…breathless 😉

beautiful nude…the scarf makes the statement..

Michel Lamy -Rick Owen’s wife says it loud.. I love..


I’m in love with bling/statement sneakers at the moment! Haven’t found what I want yet… but it’s only a matter of time!!

…statement pieces that I love…and want..

Off to ITALY for more buying…

new stuff will be in store soon! In the meantime enjoy our 70% off sale! …some ask why 70% sale…is something wrong? No, nothing it wrong… I know in SA we are not used to real sales… but to me at the end of the season 70% IS A SALE.. Enjoy!



May 14, 2010

Camilla Skovgaard will soon be available at the new Hyde Park store! (we’re opening June 8th by the way so send me an email to be on the guest list!!)

I am sooo very excited to announce that we’ll soon have these fabulous shoes in store! Camilla Skovgaard was “Best Accessory designer of the year” !! And her shoes are a huge hit! … no wonder…i mean just look at these works of art!!

these are my favorite ones…. awesome awesome awesome!!

Email me at so we can send you an invite to the opening!!

Happy weekend…going dancing in the rain seems like the best option for now…besides staying in bed with a stack of DVD’s,  french baguette and nutella!!



May 6, 2010

Psychelic surfer girl does lunch

man oh man…I’d love to bring this label to SA… I particularly LOVE the shoes…no, I don’t just love them…I am MAD about them!!

I want them, I want them, I want them!! THEY would soo give me happiness……………………………………………..

…more happiness..

and then psychedelic surfer girl get’s surprised by her psychedelic boyfriend..

…how rad are the pants…and socks!

…and he takes her to..a very fancy international destination…

..the G Hotel…

…where they wine and dine…

…to be continued…(in your own dreams….)



April 25, 2010

I love leopard print… and always will!!

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I’m soo glad its super hip again… animal print…and leopard in particular..not that its ever really been “out” could it!!??

..this one actually looks a lot like the Gryphon NY Leopard coat we’ll be getting in July!!…maybe it is..

and this? no leopard…but I love the look!

I like the whole look…but I adore the shoes!!



from me

April 24, 2010

there we go…

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another BALENCIAGA shoe to love! …and I actually love them worn with stockings!



April 19, 2010

Mad about Balenciaga!

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Balenciaga has had such an amazing come-back! I’ve loved their last two collections more than I’ve ever loved anything by Balenciaga… their shoes, along with Proenza Schouler’s are my favorite collections by far… and their jackets and pants are just pure madness!

…just the shoes can make a totally boring and dull outfit into something outlandish and exotic!! I can’t stop drooling!! Gonna go be really really nice to my dear husband so that maybe…he’ll understand that I HAVE to have a pair of these boots!!



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