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March 25, 2010

I know we still have to get through winter…

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but I could not wait to share what’s gonna be hot for spring 2010!!

Military style is and will be huge again for Spring -then again, when has it really been “out”? Military style always looks good, always comes back and is easy to up-date! Gryphon at Alexandra Del Lago hast done some great military basics that you’ll be able to wear from Fall through to Spring and Summer! (photos from

We’ll see lots of beads and tribal flavors again for Spring! Wild mix of prints and textures will be taking tribalism to the extreme and thereby reinvent it! Just head to Long Street for some affordable tribal fashion accessories to mix in with your high designer pieces…layer them for dramatic effect and get this fun look for less! A little word of warning though- as cool as this looks on print…in reality it can fast look make sure the balance is absolutely right!

Here is how VOGUE Paris april 2010 is showing off what’s hot for Spring! (photos from

…and, we are not gonna get away without…

CLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s right! They are back and we love them! This time they are back with a higher heel, which makes them sexier, but still comfy! I know many consider them a fashion no-no… but I think they are so versatile and cool! Chanel showed them with evening wear…so there you go, if you’re gonna buy one shoe for spring… it’s gotta be the CLOG and I’m looking for the perfect one to get for my store!

And here a little resume of looks that HOT for spring…

See you at the shop!



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