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May 26, 2011

and so I’m back..

in cyber space..

…yes I was gone.. for long (in cyber terms a few lifetimes…) …been busy rethinking Alexandra Del Lago.. We need to grow into something bigger and better and the quest is consuming me.. think I’m getting closer to opening the next chapter- you’ll hear it here first (I hope… it always amazes me how fast news travels in Cape Town..sometimes others know my business before I do!!…yep..I’ve seen it!)

In the meantime… more images from my style icon..

who does it better then her!? really??

Taylor Tomasi Hill -the one and only … not to be copied (quite impossible)…but to draw on for inspiration and fashion courage 🙂

mille baci

March 8, 2011

totally electrified

…this blue I love…so electrifying for our South African winters!! …and I am madly in love with Taylor Tomasi for wearing those crazy sneakers with THAt outfit!! She always thrills me!!

…blue blue blue…is my favorite color in the whole world!!




March 2, 2011

…over the atlantic..

..while here in Cape Town we are still experiencing summer and don’t even want to think about fall and winter..across the Atlantic “they” are getting excited about spring..bursting out in full color everywhere…LOUD and FUN colors are on every street and every fashion magazine!


I love the mix of electric blue and black! very chic and sleek…I could see that combo working in our winter as well!



A12985483331872236_1..long fluid body skimming  deconstructed etherial and clean is what we’ll be seeing lots of..


…and what can we look forward to for fall??

…fur fur fur and fun fun fun coming for fall 😉

soon I’m off to LA to shop shop shop… all for you!



February 11, 2011

adoro ora…

Taylor Tomasi…I ALWAYS love her!!

totally timeless!! …perfect!

pink is back…I like this!!



January 25, 2011

ohhh how I love those American parties!!

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…they are always a feast for the eye! …I miss seeing people dressed up…I mean, REALLY dressed up!!

This is the House of Lavande dinner party… a gorgeous vintage store in Palm Beach!! see

just look at this venue!!





…one of these days Alexandra Del Lago will throw a party…but only when we can do it in FULL style!! …getting there…slowly…



January 21, 2011

MOTHER like Daughter…

…do you see now where Jane gets her amazing sense of style from??

this is Judy her mom…



These pictures very much capture the essence of my recent inspiration…and alter ego… The sexy wood chopper 😉 …watch me this winter and you’ll see what I mean…wink wink..


Happy weekend everyone!!



January 17, 2011

gotta’ gotta’ love her!

Jane from Sea of Shoes never ceases to be an inspiration….!!

Mad as a hat… here she goes:

Wearing the most amazing vintage asymmetrical Bill Blass jacket, vintage Elvis tank top given to me by the sweet ladies from Fruition in Las Vegas, vintage belt, Ralph Lauren bandana, vintage clutch from Vintage Martini, beetle and octopus necklaces from our own jewelry line, Current & Elliot jeans, and my beloved new Yves Saint Laurent platforms.

I am a huge, huge Adolfo fan but ironically I do not own any Adolfo hats (Adolfo began as a milliner). My mom was at Vintage Martini with our partner in crime Tina (the Bag Snob) and called me wondering if I’d be interested in a raccoon hat by Adolfo. In my mind’s eye it wasn’t quite as…intense. But you know what they say here in Texas, go big or go home.

In New York I saw fur hats in this style that were much larger and more dramatic. I couldn’t help staring at them like they were big furry fungal growths on their owners heads but it didn’t seem to phase New Yorkers.

This hat will keep me warm in the weeks to come…it hasn’t gotten above freezing all week here in DFW.

and more MAAADNESS…:

to put them on…they are exquisite! Thank you so much Natalie and Ferdinand!

thanks for making my day in style today… now I can go sleep peacefully!



December 30, 2010

Christmas a’ la Anna!! Anna Anna Anna how I love you!!

…Anna Anna Anna…you make us dream of fashion…you are fashion, the queen of all and always an inspiration!! I love you because you take fashion serious ly…but not yourself! A genius!

(have a look at how Anna celebrated her X-mas!!…photos from her blog

CHANEL fall/Winter 2010white FUR-BOOTS matchingthe plentiful fallen snow in Milan.





“Last night we celebrated theCHRISTMAS in Dolce&Gabbana’s house.
It was a memorable night!WE looked like a huge,extended, modern FAMILY.
Me and Giovanna wore the exclusivepreview of the s/s 2011DOLCE&GABBANA collection:
white hope chest & furry boots!
On the top of all I put a vintage CHERRY-COATfrom Dolce&Gabbana 90’s Collection.
I looked like Santa Claus of fashion”Anna

with love

Alex 😉

December 18, 2010

natural style…natural beauty…just be..

natural face, beautifully tailored clothes and natural hair is definitely the new chic

eternally chic in jeans… she can=you can

turn ordinary into cute with a bit of quirk

always love stripes!

love this! the color of the dress with the hint of bright yellow on the clutch is sooo amazing!!

wow…love the boots and dress…and yet its still casual!!

happy weekend




November 19, 2010

Backstage at Lanvin- extreme glamour…I love it!!

…there are really few times when I miss America…South Africa is my home now and I love it..BUT I do miss the grandiosity and over-the-topness of the American parties…the fashion scene…and yes the shopping!

I love these images from backstage at Lanvin x H&M Houte Couture Fashion Show! such a feast for the eye!!

Thank you Jack and Jil dot com for your always inspiring images!!



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