Alexandra Del Lago – Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre, Cape Town

March 4, 2010

MORE MORE MORE… new stock just unpacked!

Beautiful Velvet-tees just arrived today! They are the ultimate tee! Luxurious fabrics, beautiful cuts…they exude elegance and look good with simply everything! A must have staple in your wardrobe!

Since I’ve discovered these t-shirts I simply refuse to wear any other!!

JOHNNY RAMLI jewelery is finally back in stock! Unsurprisingly his beautiful pieces have flown out the store… so this time I made sure to order lots more of these unisex pieces. Brad Bitt and the Olsen’s are amongstĀ  his fans and Fred Segal, Beverly Hills as well as Barney’s, NY stock this brand… come and see his latest pieces.. Great single or layered..they are gorgeous period!

See you at ADL



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