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March 31, 2010

It’s happening in in Joburg…

You are invited to join us for our first trunk show in Joburg!

Featuring exclusive fashion labels
hot off the runways of NY,LA, Paris and Milan:
Gryphon NY
Inhabit Cashmere
Raquel Allegra
Rachel Poly
Inhabit Jeans
Johnny Ramli
Vintage Century
Black Halo
Fornarina Jeans
Lily Jean, Magali Pascal and more…

April 9th and 10th , from 10.30am to 6pm you’ll find us at 204 Thrupps Illovo Centre, corner of Oxford and Rudd Road in Illvo. For more info email or check out our blog at
Or call Alex at 0842572938
See you there

March 30, 2010

Hunting for…

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I’m in love with the rings…. forgot what their called…but have been seeing them in several shoots lately and I’m on the hunt for some good ones for ADL!!

just cool…

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..been busy lately, but I always take time to find at least one inspiring style picture for the day… this is what I love for today!

…I love where we are at with fashion at the moment…so many exciting styles and colors.. so many things to play with…..enjoy!



March 26, 2010

My new style icon….

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Taylor Tomasi is senior market editor at Teen Vogue US- I love her uncomplicated sense of style and her trademark red hair!



March 25, 2010

I know we still have to get through winter…

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but I could not wait to share what’s gonna be hot for spring 2010!!

Military style is and will be huge again for Spring -then again, when has it really been “out”? Military style always looks good, always comes back and is easy to up-date! Gryphon at Alexandra Del Lago hast done some great military basics that you’ll be able to wear from Fall through to Spring and Summer! (photos from

We’ll see lots of beads and tribal flavors again for Spring! Wild mix of prints and textures will be taking tribalism to the extreme and thereby reinvent it! Just head to Long Street for some affordable tribal fashion accessories to mix in with your high designer pieces…layer them for dramatic effect and get this fun look for less! A little word of warning though- as cool as this looks on print…in reality it can fast look make sure the balance is absolutely right!

Here is how VOGUE Paris april 2010 is showing off what’s hot for Spring! (photos from

…and, we are not gonna get away without…

CLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s right! They are back and we love them! This time they are back with a higher heel, which makes them sexier, but still comfy! I know many consider them a fashion no-no… but I think they are so versatile and cool! Chanel showed them with evening wear…so there you go, if you’re gonna buy one shoe for spring… it’s gotta be the CLOG and I’m looking for the perfect one to get for my store!

And here a little resume of looks that HOT for spring…

See you at the shop!



March 21, 2010

More street style…

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From Paris fashion week..

…these street styles speak of strong women…women who known who they are, who they want to be and who are not afraid to bee seen or heard! Would be great to start seeing more of that in SA… where individual style is still rather frowned upon! I am still amazed at how many times I get weird looks when I dress a wee bit outrageously (I say I wee bit because I do toned it down a lot here!and can assure you that in Europe no one would look twice in my direction!)… Thankfully I have a thick skin and could care less about what others think, but it still baffles me! However I am ON A MISSION… to change SA’s attitude towards fashion and hope that along with it I will liberate and empower women!

Happy long weekend!



March 19, 2010

daily dose of inspiration- here it is!

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smiiiile !
Come see our new leather jackets in all the colours of the season- instant wardrobe update guaranteed!!
Friends !
Thought sequins were over? think again… they’re not going anywhere for a while… and why should they? We love them… sequinned skirts with grunge or casual t-shirts and a trench coat.. or sequinned racerback tees with jeans or chinos and leather jacket…
Last few winter sets!!
I am in love with anything green at the moment! I have ignored it for years and now I feel like I want to make up for it! Its a great accent color that adds a touch of frenshness and class to any outfit!
Come see our simple staples updated with a twist… they can turn your wardrobe around singlehandedly!
See you at the shop,

March 17, 2010

style tip of the day..

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I’m loving white jeans with anything…so fresh and cool…with any of the “in”colours of the season … gray, green, blue, camel..

I love this look! raw and authentic!

How do you wear your white jeans??

March 16, 2010

This season You can’t be without…

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…the perfect open toe boot.. better if by Alexander Wang!

..a well cut classic jacket.. black or blue… to be worn in contrast with black or blue… I’ve always loved the combination of black  and blue! In fact I used to dress only in those two colors!!

..modern nudes… Nudes are huge..will be huge for the next couple of seasons- so indulge!… but wear them in a quirky and new way..Better yet- find what works for you! And if you need help come and see us or email me at !

..a dash of red -red lips are soo back but red anything is just as great! ..a great leather jacket will see you through several seasons (I’m just unpacking ours and they are seriously gorgeous and beautifully affordable!).. skinny jeans and rough boots- you CANNOT go wrong!!

a dash of GLAM… Sequins are still big and soo much fun! Be bold and wear them during the day for a look that screams individuality and SURPRISE!!I love this look soo much I could not stop staring at the pictures and therefore have to post a few more of this so-well-done-look!

…simple windblown hair that looks natural and frames your face (Marious Haircompany is my latest find for great haircuts, he is in Greenpoint upstairs from Buena Vista Social Club)

natural looking hair color is back! Very french 😉

..bucket bags are super easy to wear -day to night- and soo on trend for the next few seasons! And we just got them in today in the most fab colours!

..Jeans, lace, leather, easy hair…a belt… this outfit has it but not loud..

..but if loud and different is your thing.. this look is GELUNGEN!!



PS: follow us on facebook now as well- look for the Alexandra Del Lago group and become a fan.. I still have not found out how to put the FB icon onto the blog!

March 15, 2010


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There is still time to invest in a BLUE GLUE BIKINI before the seasons change!


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You could stand a chance in winning a BLUE GLUE bikini!!! Also follow the BLUE GLUE BIKINI BODY TIPS on diet, exercise and lifestyle to help keep your body bikini perfect!

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