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April 12, 2011

Get Fit with Rick

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..I love this guy! I love his designs..his approach to life (even if not always shared!) and his look! ..I really enjoyed reading this post from Industrie -hope you like it too!

Mr Owens’ guide to sublime physicality

Rick Owens was once a chubby Californian kid dreaming of rock-hard washboard abs. But once he’d been nudged towards the gym to compensate for his excesses, he dramatically transformed his physique. Now he’s such an expert that we’ve asked him to show us how it’s done.

Photographed by: Kacper Kasprzyk

Written by: Murray Healy

Rick Owens discovered the joys of the gym relatively late in life. The desire to sort out his body had always been there, languishing in his heart, weak and neglected, since childhood. ‘As an introverted sissy growing up in a small town in California,’ he remembers, ‘all I wanted was Joe Dallesandro hair and washboard abs. But I wore “husky”-sized poly pants,’ he says, referring to the American boys’ trousers made with added ease on the waist and hips, ‘and I had big, soft, 13-year-old-girl nipples. And buck teeth.’

A couple of years in braces sorted out the teeth, but it wasn’t until his early thirties that he started picking up the weights, when his partner Michele Lamy persuaded him to do something to compensate for the excesses of his lifestyle. ‘Her reasoning was that if I was going to drink so much, I had to balance it out. After years of enjoying overindulgence, discipline felt even better.’ As his efforts slowly remodelled his physique, Rick soon found working out as addictive as life’s more obvious pleasures. ‘The changes were imperceptible from month to month, but after a year things had changed. By then I was hooked.’

Right from the start he worked with a trainer. ‘If you want to make serious changes, that’s essential – otherwise it’s too easy to suspect that you’re not doing it right, and get discouraged. I couldn’t really afford one then, but I prioritised.’ His search for the right trainer wasn’t particularly scientific. ‘Frankly the main qualifications were that they had to look like they knew what they were talking about, and be someone pleasant to hang out with every day. Because no matter how technical you get, the main thing – the main thing – is

consistent repetition.’

He worked his way through five instructors over the next eight years. But when he relocated from Los Angeles to Paris seven years ago, he decided not to employ a trainer. It’s not as if he needed the encouragement: working out had long since become as integral a part of his day as brushing his teeth. ‘And there’s only really about ten things you can do,’ he reasons, ‘so you just have to do them over and over. Like a Donald Judd installation: classic, simple, pure, repetitive.’

The purpose of his workouts has changed since the early days too: he’s no longer so goal-oriented, as each session has become its own reward. The entire ritual, from the second he steps out of his apartment, heading out through the Tuileries and up rue de la Paix to his gym near the Paris Opera, is a moment for some me-time. ‘Working out has become a combo of discipline, joyous release, meditation and vanity. It gives me a break in the day to absorb and formulate ideas. I used to love dancing, but music never sounded as good as it does now through those earbud headphones, pounding bass into the pit of my stomach as I enjoy the simple pleasure of feeling physically alive.’

But away from the free weights, he is less disciplined when it comes to his health. ‘I smoke, I don’t particularly watch my diet and I hate cardio,’ he admits. ‘If I had to run a mile I’d probably pass out in a pool of vomit.’ He never had any patience for supplements, preferring to use steroids to boost his training – a strategy he thoroughly recommends. ‘Sure, they bloated me for a while. But after I stopped, the bloat went away and the steroids had gotten me to another level. It was very rewarding. And I’d certainly taken worse before.’

When asked the particulars of his workout, he declines to give a detailed answer (‘Oh God, that would put me in a coma!’). But briefly: ‘I do one leg part, two upper-body parts, stomach and stretching every time I go, which is five or six times a week. I take my time and don’t worry about the weights – I just do what feels good. I don’t feel the need to force my body the way I used to.’

He’s philosophical about his gym-going these days. ‘Obviously, I’ve replaced the romanticised determination to self-destruct with the fantasy of control and immortality. And at this point in my life, it’s as lovely an indulgence as any.’

..Personally my favorite workout site is ! Super short and super fierce! I’ve only been doing them off and on but I can already see results!! Now I just have to commit to doing them 3-4 times  every week!!



April 4, 2010

What’s in store from Gryphon NY

…here just a few of the pieces we have in store! I love this line! So fresh and versatile and ueber cool…

…many more styles at Alexandra Del Lago! Come see…



April 2, 2010

I usually don’t…

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…it’s daring and different (yes I’m always a sucker for that! 😉 and I think it really suits her and does not look like she is trying too hard!


Happy Easter

March 15, 2010


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There is still time to invest in a BLUE GLUE BIKINI before the seasons change!


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You could stand a chance in winning a BLUE GLUE bikini!!! Also follow the BLUE GLUE BIKINI BODY TIPS on diet, exercise and lifestyle to help keep your body bikini perfect!

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March 3, 2010

My new style inspiration…

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Emanuelle Alt-Fashion Director of Paris’s Vogue magazine, Giovanna Battaglia -fashion editor for Vogue L’uomo  and (of course!) Anna Dello Russo– fashion director at large,vogue nippon are always inspirational in their dressing…never overdone..not beautiful in the classical sense.. they know how to carry the most beautiful clothes with effortless style and don’t seem to take themselves too seriously at that!

Anna Dello Russo at Milan Fashion week

Emanuell Alt

Emanuelle and Giovanna

Giovanna Battaglia

Anna Dello Russo

Emanuelle Alt

Anna Dello Russo-VERY few people can pull a dress like this off without looking like bird of paradise (I know…I know…they are soo ‘in’!), but Anna can! I think what makes it work (besides the fact that she has the most perfect stick figure) is the fact that she does not seem to wear much make up or put much effort into “doing” her hair… that balances out the over-the-top clothes and gives it that french chicness…

Anna Dello Russo… normally I don’t really like red dresses… but this one is exceptionally beautiful!

two friends at Milan fashion week… no idea who they are but their look is inspiring… yellow is the new pink according to Li Edelkort…and I think she is right 😉



February 17, 2010


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Here is another label that will soon be available at ADL- only one-off pieces! These are absolute must haves… timeless and elegant with a rock and roll twist… They could be your Grandmothers or a hand-me-down from a rock star friend…



Founded by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder, DANNIJO jewellery is hand-made in New York and offers an eclectic range of designs. With the juxtapostion of varied mixed metals and the introduction of colorful elements, DANNIJO pieces seamlessly combine an indie chic vibe with timeless sophistication.





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What this Blog is about…


…yes, of course its about advertising my alexandra del lago store and letting you know what just came in, what is coming, what I’m working on and what I’m lusting after… however I would also like to make it a space where you can get inspired by fashion.. a space where I’ll share what and who inspires me.. about what is happening overseas –as that IS where it is ALL happening really! Nothing against SA, I love this country with all my being! There is no better place to live than right here, but lets face it- fashion is not one of our forte!!

BUT, I am on a mission to change that, and that is what this blog is about J


The Sartorialist, and the stylish people he blogs about has been and is one of my main sources of inspiration– see – reminding me that fashion is so much more than following trends… its about expressing who you are, playing with the personalities within and letting them all play together…just for fun!


The following photos are some of my favorite images from The Sartorialist:



How simply classy is this??


Anna Dello Russo (the lady in leopard) fashion director at Vogue Nippon… no one can pull off off the wall dresses the way she does!




Wouldn’t it be nice if Cape Town ladies would go for lunch looking like this? It certainly would be a feast for my eyes!!


I just love the simplicity of this outfit!


…key pieces that make the outfit..


Besides posting about what goes on in my store and my fashion-filled head, I’ll also post and share whatever I think is worth sharing and as soon as I have more than a handful of followers I will start some totally random give-aways and competitions…

so start following me NOW!





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