Alexandra Del Lago – Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre, Cape Town

September 9, 2010

…it takes one strong item to make a statement..

..a great look is not about “piling it on” but rather about choosing your pieces carefully.. Less is definitely more, but that does not mean you have yo go all “minimalist”.. A great pair of boots/shoes, a statement jacket, a bold piece of jewelry is all you need…
I love this look…almost plain..but then those boots just change everything..tease and say something… then leave them…breathless 😉

beautiful nude…the scarf makes the statement..

Michel Lamy -Rick Owen’s wife says it loud.. I love..


I’m in love with bling/statement sneakers at the moment! Haven’t found what I want yet… but it’s only a matter of time!!

…statement pieces that I love…and want..

Off to ITALY for more buying…

new stuff will be in store soon! In the meantime enjoy our 70% off sale! …some ask why 70% sale…is something wrong? No, nothing it wrong… I know in SA we are not used to real sales… but to me at the end of the season 70% IS A SALE.. Enjoy!



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