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May 20, 2010

some black…some white..

It seems like at the moment black and white combos is all I see…and I’m liking it.. I especially love anything white with anything (black) leather!

A white mongolian would be the ultimate indulgence!

Crochet and lace are making a comeback… I like them mixed and matched together for a great textural effect!

I am totally obsessed with these white Raphael Young shoes!! The black ones are also totally madly-lovable… but the white ones…they got me… Sadly no one in Cape Town would get them- so (for now…just for now) I won’t go there! After all…I have to buy what sells 😦

I love this girl from -Denni, she is a freelance stylist from Paris and apart from having an incredible sense of style I also find her utterly beautiful…girl crush…..

Am liking the white jackets popping up everywhere with everything…supervesatileandfresh..

Leather is my passion!!




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